Optimizepress 2.0 now includes a Membership Plugin – OptimizeMember

Until Optimizepress 2.0 came out, we need Wishlist Member, Digital Access Pass or any other plugin to protect content and this would usually mean an additional cost of at least usd 97 which the price for WL Member for one installation.

Yes the answer is no you don’t need to buy an extra plugin if you want to build a membership site with Optimizepress Now, Optimizemember now comes together with OP 2.

As I write this post on 19 September 2013, Optimizepress 2.0 only support Paypal Pro and Clickbank as payment gateways for the membership site. That also means that if you want an affiliate system, Clickbank would be your first option for now.
I just tried setting up OAP payment system a couple of days back just to find out that it’s not supported as a payment gateway yet, the current integration is only for sending email addresses to OAP lists.

Now if you don’t want to use Clickbank as a platform because of the high commission rate that it takes, you can still use Digital Access Pass or even use Wishlist Member as membership protection gear.

My first paypal setup with Optimizepress 2.0 has been a flawless experience, it works like a charm. If you are having any issues setting up your membership site with OP 2, don’t hesitate to ask your questions here and I would be happy to help.

Rajeev Kistoo